Saturday, November 8, 2014

Press Release


Contact: B. Kwaku Duren, Esq.
Phone: (323) 290-6146

California People's Attorney B. Kwaku Duren
Faces Suspension From The Practice Of Law For Four Months

(Compton, California) – 11/11/2014 – People's Lawyer Kwaku Duren currently fights for his 13 clients, at least five of them pro bono. Pro bono means that the client paid nothing for his legal representation. Simultaneously, The State Bar of California has not chosen to deal with Attorney B. Kwaku Duren in a fair and reasonable manner.
While Duren fights for his thirteen clients he is also working to maintain employment in his profession of 23 plus years. This profession was not chosen for financial rewards but, for personal passion in serving the innocent, financially destitute and mankind in general. People's Attorney Kwaku Duren assists clients from all ethnic backgrounds for little or no payments, in an humble Compton, California office.
Kwaku Duren, Esq., brings many years of legal experience to the table with years of service to Legal Aid before becoming licensed to practice law. He resigned from Legal Aid because regulations governing Legal Aid Attorneys prevent them from running for political office.
Duren has one sustained client complaint in twenty three plus years of practicing law. That complaint comes from a former client he represented in a civil matter in which he attempted to set aside a bank foreclosure of residential property. He admittedly but, inadvertently, failed in timely filing responses to motions to dismiss which were filed by two banks, and the client's civil case was dismissed. Duren regrets agreeing to and not challenging the level of discipline imposed – that level of discipline includes paying restitution to the former client, 30 days actual suspension and passing the MPRE, he unfortunately did not obtain a passing score. California maintains the highest required score in the nation.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Kwaku Duren was a Coordinator of the re-organized Southern California Chapter of the Black Panthers (from 1976- 1982), became a registered member of the Peace and Freedom Party, was a founding member of the National Black Independent Political Party (NBIPP), organizer and Volunteer Executive Director of a non-profit corporation, Community Unlimited (CSU-1977 to present), and helped to organize a number of other social/advocacy organizations including the Coalition Against Police Abuse (CAPA), the California Community Economic Development Association(CCEDA), and as a licensed attorney has continued to assist, and provide legal assistance to numerous other neighborhood and community-based organizations.

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